The first two parts of this new collection are ready for you! Haruco-vert creates their chic and unisex sustainable designer clothes with care. They are producing them responsibly in their atelier.

Items from casual to chic and funky to glamorous you can find in their New Arrivals section. Hopefully they make you greedy enough to order!

To create these women’s and unisex sustainable designer clothes, Haruco-vert uses cozy hydrophilic cotton, matte black satin, and bamboo jersey a.o. They are carefully selected for these funky and stylish new items. Haruco-vert cares about the qualities and the way how the fabrics are produced.

Items such as nice shirts, elegant chic trousers, fun sweaters, casual chic tee’s are ready for you to wear.

Various styles you can create with these new must haves! In case you don’t have a clue how style our items, Haruco-vert gives you a helping hand. In the section ‘How to style’ they will give you several ideas and styling tips. They help you to pull off that fabulous, elegant or funky look with their items.

Take a look at their fun new arrivals!

Special service

As we produce our items with care in our own atelier, it gives us the flexibility in our production system to offer you the special service of tailoring. We can adjust our shapes so it will fit perfectly on you! If you need special tailoring on our items please feel free to contact us. We will be very happy to help you!