New arrivals

By Rutger Prommenschenckel

And the category is: glittering new excellence

The year is winding down and the festive days are just around the corner. So for these special days we will be having a last product release before the new year!
We are excited about the adorable and festive items we made specially for you, and we hope you are going to be too.

A rich golden yellow satin fabric and anthracite lace with sequins combined with a black and grey houndstooth tartan complimented with a black bouclé are on the menu.

Mid-November beauties

Our cosy little black dress is perfect for an evening near the flaming fireplace with the scent of fresh pinecones hanging in the air. Our pencil shape skirt made from the classic houndstooth tartan is just perfect for a festive dinner with the in-laws. This way you can present the modest side of the perhaps funky and wild you. The tops with the oversized sleeves are suitable for a festive gathering amongst your best friends and secretly outshine them. If you have a more formal occasion, we made a long dress which can provide you with three different looks so you can travel light.

To make your new festive look complete we can also provide you with some funky accessories. Choose the punky yet stylish ear cuffs to sharpen up every look. Turn your modern look more classic with the freshwater pearl earrings. We just want to be sure you will rock the coming holidays!

These items are no longer in our shop, if you are interested, please contact us!

Published November 12, 2019. © Haruco-vert