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We believe that by reimagining fashion we can inspire others to be more (self)conscious. In all our sustainably designed items we challenge textures and shapes to evolve in an elegant roughness. All our collections are made for people who dare to make a statement, regardless of age, size or gender(identity).



The ‘Siren’ campaign featuring Aimée Algra and Jeroen Kerkhof is filmed and art directed by RoppongiTV

and photographed by Ruud van Ooij.



genderless fashion

Haruco-vert Unified; a genderless approach to fashion

More and more people believe that clothes should be genderless. As Haruco-vert’s designer I believe that too. Of course people should always dress in what they feel most comfortable in. Whether that is masculine, feminine, or somewhere within…
Little black dress

Little black dress 

We think we created succesfully a little black dress that both is suitable in a dark fashion wardrobe as well as in a colorful wardrobe. Interested in how we did this? Keep reading! First a bit of history The little black dress, also shortened…

A remarkable name

Since we founded our fashion brand Haruco-vert in the beginning of 2007 we soon noticed that it was a remarkable name. People came up with the funniest name corruptions. So let’s go through a few of them! On the first place is the most…