Beetle Realness!

By Rutger Prommenschenckel

And the category is: Beetle Realness!

Fascinated by embroidery as a child, I used to help my grandmother with cross-stitch embroidery on her tablecloths. During many sleepovers, I used to spend hours with her embroidering. As she was strict on the quality I delivered, I sometimes had to do over some parts. “All the cross-stitches should exactly be the same”, she always said. The bottom stitch to the left and the top stitch to the right. Various floral patterns in cheerful colors decorated many tables in the family. She was always busy with all sorts of handwork such as knitting, crochet and embroidery. I think I got my feeling for needle work and handcraft from her. My biggest reason why I bring back many different handwork techniques back in my designs. The ribbon embroidery I used has become a well used technique in several of our items and many more will follow, I am sure. 

This blog I want to dedicate to my fascination of beads embroidery. Any plain fabric can get a pattern. You can create a total new fabric by adding this technique. It also gives any ordinary fabric a luxurious touch and feel. So again I thought, ideal to decorate a many used item in our wardrobe. The sweater!

My  favorite sweater fabric, because it’s so soft on your skin and is comfortable on your body, I used for this special design. The golden beetle design created with beads embroidery is embroidered directly on the fabric. I choose the dark blue in combination with the golden embroidery design so it gives a royal impression. Because the material is a bit stretchy it was a challenge to embroider my favorite fabric, but the very skilled people who worked on the embroidery came up with a very awesome solution, which I can’t really expose as I was sworn to secrecy. 

As the design is very detailed it deserves some of our attention. 

Are you already a fan of the design? Sent an email, the design is now only bespoke available. Our new women’s sweater with beads embroidery will complement your favorite pair of jeans or trousers. Have fun shopping and be different with this unique and comfortable sweater. 

Published March 8, 2020. © Haruco-vert