Welcome to our retail page

We are a sustainable brand and we produce our items in our atelier in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We invite retailers to have a look at our ethically produced unisex fashion items. If you think it will suit your customers we like to collaborate with you! We would like to offer you a selection of our items on a consignment base. The advantage for the retailer is that there is no risk in not selling items as you don’t have to purchase them. Let’s get in touch to discuss the details!

How does it work?
  • Consignment base with a 30% commission.
  • Choose from a selection of unisex garments offered on this page in a variety of sizes.
  • Possibility to change a few items every 2 months for diversity.
  • Adjustments for a perfect fit for your customers is possible.
  • Make a selection with a maximum value of €2000 in retail price.
  • When an item is sold we can restock within a week.