Our mission

We believe that by reimagining fashion we can inspire others to be more (self)conscious. In all our sustainably designed items we challenge textures and shapes to evolve in an elegant roughness. All our collections are made for people who dare to make a statement, regardless of age, size or gender(identity).

Our story

Haruco-vert is founded in 2007 and we stand for unique, conscious, and handmade fashion items. We produce in our atelier in Amsterdam, where we cut and sew all our garments. This means we have little waste and it also gives us the option to offer a made-to-measure service.

Besides our women’s collections, we created a no gender sublabel called ‘Unified’ in 2020. The ‘Unified’ collections takes us a step further in our sustainable mindset. We design these items to be all seasonal. By creating layers you can wear it all throughout the year. Like all our designs, they are suitable for a large variety of ages because of their timeless style.

You can wear the ‘Unified’ items with both a masculine or a feminine approach. The pieces can be part of a joint wardrobe which you can share with your loved ones. This way you can get more usage out of your fashion investment!

Rutger Prommenschenckel

Hajé Koopman