We let our new sustainable collection get inspired by the story of ‘Eden’ and it’s two characters Lillith and Eve. Lillith, Adams first wife, got banished from paradise as she didn’t want to submit to her male superior. Her character got erased form the story and she got portrayed as evil itself. 

The pastel colors we used in this wardrobe symbolize paradise while the shades of black portray the fall and the character Lillith. Twisted seams and diagonal lines are inspired by the snake wrapped around the tree of knowledge. The harness stands for the submission both women in the story had to endure.

We choose this specific story not only because we stand for equality but also the concept of paradise itself. Because of Covid-19, the ‘old normal’ slowly seems to become paradise in our minds. Or is it just an image of longing?

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Special service

As we produce our items with care in our own atelier, it gives us the flexibility in our production system to offer you the special service of tailoring. We can adjust our shapes so it will fit perfectly on you! If you need special tailoring on our items please feel free to contact us. We will be very happy to help you!