The world is in turmoil, we all have loads of concerns on our mind. As we were overlooking our work, overlooking high-fashion chiffon broomstick skirtwhat was going on, we thought: This time will be remembered as a reset. A reset because of a virus. It made everyone, including us, rethink what we have, what we do and what we will be able to do in the near future. This is the start of our sustainable journey and the birth of our sustainable fashion collection ‘Reset’. 

Birth of a sustainable fashion collection

We took this time to rethink about what we should do with our brand and our items. We had brainstorming sessions, we dived into fabric choices, shapes, colors, and of course: designs. We are ready now, we like to share new designs with different shapes than you might expect from us. We focussed on how the materials and fabrics behave, we want it to be more outspoken, more honest. We had a closer look on the background of our fabrics. We came with other finishes for our garments, we use a raw edge finishing on some items, when it’s suitable and it’s giving that extra touch, we do it.

We are very proud about the new items, the new shapes, the finish. Another thought: We hate waste of fabrics, we do not want stock. Covid19 showed us that the world shrunk, you had to focus on your direct surroundings. We do that, we work together with local fabric suppliers, we have short lines with them and have easy access to new, mostly sustainable fabrics. We combine all that with craftsmanship: we embrace a lot of sewing and needlepoint techniques, we want to keep that alive. It shows in our items, for instance: we love embroidery techniques. Not in all items but it returns everyone now and then. 

And what can we offer you, our costumers, these days? We are producing all our items ourselves. That makes us flexible. And you, our costumer can have the benefit of that: We can offer you tailor-made items. Feel free to contact us, share your wishes with us and we’ll see where it brings us, and you!

For now: get inspired, study our new items in the shop.

Come in and have a look, we welcome you!

Team Haruco-vert