Ribbon Flower collection

Your hand embroidered sweater

With the hand embroidered sweaters of the ‘Ribbon flower’ collection, you will be truly unique! The collection of fun women’s pullovers are all artisanal and handmade. The ribbon embroidery technique used, gives a 3D effect to the floral pattern.

‘Bloom’ sweaters

The ‘Bloom’ sweaters have striking puff sleeves with cuffs. The ribbon embroidery is done in one colour per sweater, and is more subtle than with the ‘Flower’ serie. These sweaters come in the colours off-white, dark blue, and anthracite.

‘Flower’ sweaters

The ‘Flower’ sweaters have a relaxed fit without board. Besides giving comfort, this brings all the attention to the excessive ribbon embroidery. These sweaters come in the colours off-white, dust blue, and anthracite.