Loving, Luscious, and Light-hearted!

By Rutger Prommenschenckel

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Loving, Luscious, and Light-hearted!

After the hectic holiday season and surviving Blue Monday, aren’t we all just a little bit tired, perhaps feeling a bit disappointed or lacking a little bit of love? 

Looking back at the 3 weeks that have passed of our new decade, already many things happend in the world that shook my head. As we all become more aware of what’s happing to our world and us in it,  shouldn’t we be sending a different message into the world? Aren’t all problems solved with just a little bit more love?

With this thought in mind I created 3 special love items that visualize a loving message in a universal language. The world can use a little bit more love, right? Wouldn’t it be fun to wear an outfit that spreads this message  wherever and whenever it’s on you? Check out the love items I created specially for you. Buy one and be a loving, luscious, and light hearted LOVE ambassador!

I heart you dress

A fun, sweet and sexy red dress. Suitable for a more festive gathering or when you just want to look fancy on an ordinary day.

LOVELY sweater

A funky women’s sweater. Wear it casual or funky chic. A fun item to update your wardrobe with!

Light hearted top

A chic women’s top which will compliment your classic and chic look with a fun twist.

Published January 29, 2020. © Haruco-vert

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Shopify realness!

By Rutger Prommenschenckel

In this first-and-yet-hopefully-more-to-come-blogpost, I want to share with you that the official launch of our webshop is due to come!

Now why should you be excited? Personally, I think we will serve you that different look you search for and that it will illuminate your character!

What I mean here is that small details in our garments will majestically compliment your presence. That is if you want to stand out, or to be noticed from the crowd of course. If I have to describe it, I would say it’s wearable design with an alternative edge. I really do believe we bring you difference.  And being different is what we all hope to be in the end, right?

So in less than 14 days the first part of our collection will be presented in our shop. Curious? Then stay tuned and find out more about Haruco-vert’s vision on clothing and style.

Published September 10, 2019. © Haruco-vert