‘Buy less, choose well’

Since our women’s collection ‘Reset’ we started with a more sustainable approach to fashion. But what does it mean to be sustainable these days? It seems that everone has their own version and meaning of this term. We would like to share with you how we see sustainability. And also how we incorporate it into our fashion collections.

Made-to-measure service sewing machine

First of all, we have little to no dead stock! Everything is handmade on order. This means we have less waste than most other fashion designers. It also gives us the option to offer you a made-to-measure service! You can get in contact with our designer and get one of our items made to fit your exact sizes. Therefore you will get a garment that fits exactly to your body shape. 

We believe in an elegant and eccentric style that is ageless. Maybe you would combine it in another way in your 30’s than in your 50’s, but we are sure any age can wear our clothes. 

We also see our items as timeless. We do not follow trends. Because we follow our own feeling for style, the pieces speak for themselves and therefore are not representive for a certain fashion style that is hip and trendy for a while and then disappears. This is also why we don’t follow the regular fashion calender. Our items are not seasonal, you can still buy the skirt you see in our webshop a few seasons later. 

For our fabrics we look to use a combination between cottons, fabrics like Tencel and a viscose of Bamboo, and also polyester. We decided to also use polyester because it is a fabric that you can wear for lots of years and it still looks good. We pay close attention in which items we use this fabric, we always want our garments to have that airy feel.

Our fashion accessories are also part of our sustainable approach. They are made on order as well. The accessories give a fresh view on your wardrobe, as they extend the life of your outfits and add versatility!

We love the motto ‘Buy less, choose well’. As you can see, Haruco-vert, does its green name justice!

Team Haruco-vert