Accessories make the difference

Accessories make the difference

In our last journal we gave you a little peek into our new accessory collection. We started off our new start with three fashionable accessories, but now we proudly share with you the rest of our ‘Reset’ accessory collection.

Golden necklace with vintage pearls and black glass beads detail

This handmade accessory collection consists of several elegant necklaces, funky earrings, an eccentric earpiece and a long luscious belt. We love fashion accessories because it can give your outfit an instant upgrade. They are ageless and timeless. We do not follow seasonal trends or the typical fashion seasons, all our pieces are made on order. These are just some of the reasons why our accessories are a part of our sustainable approach.

We used beautiful vintage pearls in the ‘Reset’ accessory collection, keeping sustainability in mind. The imperfections give these pearls a lived look, which we find elegant and tough looking at the same time. The two necklaces and solo earring containing these pearls with worn character will be unique one-of-a-kind items!

Other materials we use are surgical steel, different kinds of glass beads and natural beads. In this first collection we use lovely lava stones. We love the roughness these stones show. Lava stones supposedly strengthen your connection with the Earth, and it is a stone of rebirth. As you can see, it is the perfect stone for the ‘Reset’ collection and the current times in the world.

Our accessories will breathe some fresh air into pieces you already have, and will therefore extend the life of your clothes. Also, they add versatility to your outfits! Accessories also say a lot about your personal style. With it you can make a simple outfit become more eccentric, or give a sporty look an elegant touch. If you have trouble styling our items, have a look at each product’s description. We help you giving you a few tips on what they can do for your outfit.

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Team Haruco-vert