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Men in skirts

A man in a skirt is an image which many fashion designers tried to portray. Throughout fashion history we have seen many attempts but it never sticked and reached the consumer. Which is strange, thinking that the trousers actually don’t exist that long as the typical daily male attire. But today I think the image […]

Gender fluidness

And the category is gender fluidness! I wanted to write about this topic because I find that gender fluidity should be fully integrated in every society. Perhaps this is an image that is stuck within my mind and perhaps is far from reality. Therefore I think we need to keep talking about gender fluidness! I […]

Dark fashion a Gothic origin

Does dark fashion have a gothic origin? Dark fashion is it a trend? Is it a lifestyle? Is it a believe? What is it? Often compared with the gothic fashion, it certainly is not the same. They do have something in common though. Both clothing styles are marked by a dark and mysterious feel and homogeneous colors, mostly black. 

Haruco-vert Unified; a genderless approach to fashion

More and more people believe that clothes should be genderless. As Haruco-vert’s designer I believe that too. Of course people should always dress in what they feel most comfortable in. Whether that is masculine, feminine, or somewhere within the human spectrum. In the end we are all human with a common origin. To contribute to […]

Little black dress 

We think we created succesfully a little black dress that both is suitable in a dark fashion wardrobe as well as in a colorful wardrobe. Interested in how we did this? Keep reading! First a bit of history The little black dress, also shortened to LBD, is the ultimate women’s wardrobe classic everybody has heard […]

A remarkable name

Since we founded our fashion brand Haruco-vert in the beginning of 2007 we soon noticed that it was a remarkable name. People came up with the funniest name corruptions. So let’s go through a few of them! On the first place is the most common name corruption of our fashion brand, especially amongst the Dutch, […]

Een bijzondere naam

Begin 2007 hebben we ons modemerk Haruco-vert opgericht. We merkten al snel dat onze naam een bijzondere naam is. Mensen kwamen met allerlei grappige verbasteringen. Laten we er een paar doornemen! Op de eerste plaats is de meest voorkomende verbastering van ons modemerk Haricots-vert, de groene boon. Het is het eerste waar onze naam mee […]