Our story

We produce sustainable clothes in our atelier in Amsterdam. Our garments are made to order. This is our way of being sure that we avoid creating waste. We find it important to run a sustainable company with often local suppliers and small production chains. We like to keep things close to home. Also many of our fabrics have the Oeko-Tex label. This enhances the sustainability of our end products we make with such love and care.

We are a huge fan of old hand techniques and try to intertwine these within our products. Also we want to show that it’s possible to use techniques like hand embroidery in items on a small scale without making them cost a fortune. This is our way to keep beautiful handcrafts alive.

Our mission

Our mission is to create an exciting tension in sustainable garments through a poetic translation of culture and identity. We challenge textures and shapes to evolve in an elegant roughness.

Rutger Prommenschenckel

Hajé Koopman