genderless fashion

Haruco-vert Unified; a genderless approach to fashion

More and more people believe that clothes should be genderless. As Haruco-vert’s designer I believe that too. Of course people should always dress in what they feel most comfortable in. Whether that is masculine, feminine, or somewhere within the human spectrum. In the end we are all human with a common origin. To contribute to a more genderless fashion I decided last year to make it part of our mission.

Mission statement

We believe that by reimagining fashion we can inspire others to be more (self)conscious. In all our sustainably designed items we challenge textures and shapes to evolve in an elegant roughness. All our collections are made for people who dare to make a statement, regardless of age, size or gender(identity).

Unified; genderless fashion

All people should be able to dress as they want and to be able to express themselves accordingly. That’s why we expanded our fashion label with a unisex sublabel named ‘Unified’. This is where male and female elements intertwine in genderless fashion. With this we contribute to creating a neutral sanctuary, making room to express yourself with fashion anyway you like. With our Unified items we hope to contribute to a more open unisex fashion world where much is still unexplored.

All items within our unisex label ‘Unified’ can be worn neutral or with a masculine or feminine approach. This depends on how you style it, but most importantly what you radiate. Fabrics with a tougher look we soften through adding elements as chiffon. Also using fabrics, such a classic pinstripe, in an unexpected way so the outcome is not an expected masculine suit but a sweater. Which is an item that is not associated with a particular gender.

The genderless clothing items we created within Unified are therefore very suitable items for a joint wardrobe. Knowing that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries a joint wardrobe gives more usage out of your garments. This is in line of Haruco-verts sustainable mindset. And besides all, how cool is it to able to share your clothes with your loved ones!